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At "The Gurgaon Design Thinking Fest," the spotlight is on the STARBID SHOWCARD Challenge, a centerpiece of this immersive event hosted by SOIL School of Business Design. Tailored meticulously to embody the principles of Design Thinking, this competition is a strategic platform designed to unlock the creative potential of B-School students.

STARBID, representing Strategy, Teamwork, Analysis, Resourcefulness, Bidding, Innovation, and Decision-making, encapsulates the core components of the challenge. Meanwhile, SHOWCARD embodies the transparent and dynamic nature of the competition, where teams openly bid for business problems aligned with the principles of Design Thinking.

Participants delve into hands-on experiences, refining strategic decision-making and problem-solving skills. This challenge operates as a workshop, enhancing teamwork and collaboration to mirror the interdisciplinary approach of Design Thinking. Engaging directly with industry leaders and receiving feedback from judges with extensive Design Thinking experience enriches the overall learning journey. The STARBID SHOWCARD Challenge uniquely integrates Design Thinking principles into each stage, aligning classroom knowledge seamlessly with real-world problem-solving scenarios.

Teams are encouraged to approach challenges with empathy, iterate solutions, and embrace a human-centric perspective, creating a transformative experience at the intersection of innovation and design thinking.

Event Details & Structure

  • Cash Prizes:
    a. Winners – ₹20,000
    b. Runner-up – ₹10,000
    c. 2nd Runner-up – Gift Hamper

  • Team Composition:
    The competition is open to teams of 4-6 members.

  • Allocation of Points:
    Each team will receive an initial allocation of virtual points, totaling 5000.

  • Competition Structure:
    The competition consists of three rounds.

  • Round Breakdown:
    The 1st round starts with 10 teams, followed by 6 teams in the 2nd round and 3 teams in the final round.

  • Bid for Business Problems:
    Teams will bid for a business problem, revealed on the competition day. The team with the highest bid gets a chance to solve it.

  • Qualifiers for Next Rounds:
    Qualification for the next round will be determined by judges from, Coca-Cola, and VGL Groups.

Last Date to Register: 13 March 2024

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